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BF2 Console Commands

To open the BF2 in-game console, press the ‘~’ key (or the key above TAB) to open/close the console. To see the list of command categories, press the TAB key twice. To see particular sub-types, enter the start of the command press TAB twice. E.g. enter renderer, then press TAB twice to see the renderer sub-class of commands.

The list below is the full list of console commands, however many commands don’t have descriptions. We shall be adding more descriptions as they are discovered.

Renderer Commands

renderer.drawHud [0,1] – Turns the Heads Up Display (HUD) on or off.

renderer.drawConsole [0,1] – Turns off access to the in-game console if set to 0.

renderer.drawFps [0,1] – Displays the current and average frames per second (FPS) in the top left corner.

Game Commands

game.sayAll [string] – Says the specified text in global chat

game.sayTeam [number] [string] – Says the specified text in team chat

game.lockFps [framerate] – Caps the game’s maximum framerate to specified number

game.allowToggleFullscreen [0,1] – If set to 1 allows toggling of fullscreen/windowed mode

game.toggleFullscreen – Toggles between fullscreen and windowed mode

Demo Commands

demo.recordDemo [demoname] – Starts recording current gameplay and saves the file as demoname.bf2demo in your \Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2 Demo\mods\bf2\Demos directory

demo.stopRecording – Stops current demo recording

demo.ShutdownDemo –

Localprofile Commands

localProfile.setName [name] – Sets the name for your current account

localProfile.setNick [nick] – Sets the nickname for your current account

localProfile.setGamespyNick [GameSpyNick] – Sets the GameSpy login name for your account

localProfile.setEmail [email account] – Sets the email account for the current account

localProfile.setPassword [password] – Sets the password for the current account

localProfile.setNumTimesLoggedIn [number] – Sets the number of times the player has logged in with the current account

localProfile.setTotalPlayedTime [seconds] – Sets the time the game has been played using the current account –

localProfile.addDemoBookmark [ ] –

Globalsettings Commands

globalSettings.setDefaultUser [number] – Sets the profile to use, the first one being 0001, then 0002 etc.

Sv Commands

These commands are used to adjust server settings, particularly in the Serversettings.con file under your \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\Battlefield 2 Demo\Profiles\[profile]\ directory.

sv.allowNATNegotiation [0,1] –

sv.interface –

sv.timeBeforeRestarting [0,1] –

sv.autoBalanceTeam [0,1] –

sv.teamRatioPercent [0,1] –

sv.autoRecord [0,1] –

sv.demoIndexURL [address] –

sv.demoDownloadURL [address] –

sv.autoDemoHook –

sv.demoQuality –

sv.adminScript –

sv.sponsorText –

sv.sponsorLogoURL [address] –

sv.communityLogoURL [address] –

sv.radioSpamInterval –

sv.radioMaxSpamFlagCount –

sv.radioBlockedDurationTime [seconds] –

sv.useGlobalRank [0,1] –

sv.useGlobalUnlocks [0,1] –

Gamelogic Commands

gameLogic.togglePause – Toggles pausing the game.

Settingsmanager Commands

These commands set a range of variables. E.g. SettingsManager.boolSet GSUseObjectCache 1. The command used must match the type of variable (e.g. .boolset for Boolean variables, .IntSet for variables requiring integer input, etc.)

SettingsManager.stringSet –

SettingsManager.boolSet –

SettingsManager.IntSet –

SettingsManager.floatSet –

SettingsManager.u32Set –

SettingsManager.stringGet –

SettingsManager.boolGet –

SettingsManager.intGet –

SettingsManager.foatGet –

SettingsManager.U32Get –

Inputdevices Commands

InputDevices.setInvertAxis –

InputDevices.setAxisScale –

Controlmap Commands

These settings should be used in the Controls.con file under your \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\Battlefield 2 Demo\Profiles\[profile]\ directory.

controlMap.deleteControlMap –

controlMap.dump –

controlMap.setButtonRiseTime –

controlMap.SetButtonFallTime –

controlMap.SetDoubleTapTime –

controlMap.addAxisToAxisMapping [string] –

controlMap.addButtonsToAxisMapping [string] –

controlMap.addKeyAndButtonToAxisMapping [string] –

controlMap.addKeysToAxisMapping [string] –

controlMap.addButtonToTriggerMapping [string] –

controlMap.AddKeyToTriggerMapping [string] –

controlMap.setAxisScale –

controlMap.setYawFactor –

controlMap.setPitchFactor –

controlMap.addAxisToTriggerMapping –

controlMap.InvertMouse [0,1] – Set to 1 for inverted mouse, 0 for default mouse

controlMap.mouseSensitivity [number] – Determines the sensitivity of the mouse

controlMap.keyboardSensitivity [number] – Deterimes the sensitivity of the keyboard

Maplist Commands

These commands are used to manage lists of maps by server administrators.

mapList.list – Lists map ID numbers, map name, game mode and the number of players if specified.

mapList.configFile [new location for file] – Used to specify the location of the _mapList.con file. Default is \My Documents\Battlefield 2 Demo\ServerConfigs\

mapList.load – Makes the server reload _mapList.con – Saves the current map list on the server to the file _mapList.con

mapList.mapCount – Shows the total number of maps in the current map list

mapList.currentMap – Shows the map list ID number of the current map being played

mapList.clear – Clears the current map list

mapList.remove [map ID number] – Removes the specified map from the map list

mapList.append [map name] [game mode] [number of players] – Add a new map to the end of the map list. You must specify the map name and game mode.

mapList.insert [map ID number] [map name] [game mode] [number of players] – Same as mapList.append command, but with this command you can specify at what map ID number to insert the new map into the list.

Admin Commands

These commands are used by server administrators.

admin.listPlayers – Lists the players connected to the server, showing their name, ID number and IP number.

admin.runNextLevel – Forces the server to end the round and start the next map in the map list.

admin.currentLevel – Shows the map list ID number for the current map being played.

admin.nextLevel – Shows the map list ID number for the next map to be played.

admin.restartMap – Restarts the current map.

admin.banPlayer [player ID number] [timeout] – Enter the player ID number you want to ban. Bans the player from the server by using their IP address. The timeout value controls the length of the ban e.g. perm for permanent ban, round to ban them for the rest of the round, and 180 is 180 seconds (3 minutes).

admin.banPlayerKey [player ID number] [timeout] – Enter the player ID you want to ban. Bans the player from the server by using their CD key hash.

admin.addAddressToBanList [IP address] [timeout] – Enter the IP number you want to ban.

admin.addKeyToBanList [CD key hash] [timeout] – Enter the CD key hash you want to ban.

admin.removeAddressFromBanList [IP address] – Enter the IP address to remove from the ban list.

admin.removeKeyFromBanList [CD key hash] – Enter the CD key hash you want to remove from the ban list.

admin.clearBanList – Clears all ban lists.

admin.listBannedAddresses – Displays a list of the currently banned IP addresses.

admin.listBannedKeys – Displays a list of the currently banned CD keys.

admin.kickPlayer [player ID number] – Enter the ID number of the player you want to kick.

Remote Console

These commands are used by server administrators.

To setup remote console access to the server, onthe server create a new plain text document in \admin\ called default.cfg and enter the following text into the new file:



Save the file, and start the server. Now you can access the server remotely by using the following commands from a client:

rcon login [YourPassword] – Use this command to login to the server.

rcon users – This command lists all the users connected to the server. Very similar to admin.listPlayers

rcon exec [command name] – Replace with a console command you would like to execute on the server. For example: rcon exec admin.kickPlayer 3

Exit – Quits the game to desktop.

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新的機器要先參照"FreeBSD 內建BIND使用方式“準備部份檔案


重讀:rndc reload

檢查相關設定可以用host (可加-al,詳情說明有) 或者dig domain AXFR檢查資料(AXFR為域名轉移QUERY,理應看到所有資料,但非授權機器理應啥都看不到…)